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Ventura's Signature Restaurant
178 James Street North, Hamilton, Ontario

Ventura's Signature Restaurant

Monday - closed
Tuesday to Sunday
12:00 pm to 10:00 pm  


Ventura's Signature Restaurant is a family owned and operated business. Entering Ventura's is like entering "Old Europe", a hand-crafted wood decor, providing modern adaptations of old-world Portugal is the theme throughout. In a charming and graceful atmosphere, an evening at Ventura's will please all the senses: music, local art, and the international flavours of Portuguese cuisine all combine to create a dining experience unlike any other in Hamilton.
What's New at Ventura's?
New Patio "Garage Door Concept" in front
New Menu
New Super Art Crawl Menu


**Art Crawl Special $20**
STARTER Salad or Soup
ENTREE (**Select One** Beef a Casa Prego no Prato Grilled Chicken Golden Fillet Cod a Bras)


  Lunch and Dinner Menu


Black Olives  2.49

Goat Cheese  10.99

Grilled Portuguese "Chourico" 11.99
a spicy Portuguese smoked sausage made with pork meat and fat, wine, paprika and salt.

Assorted Portuguese Cheeses 
house-made farmers cheese                               

Smoked ‘Persunto'  11.99
thin slices of dry-cured ham topped with black olives.

Sautéed Tiger Shrimp 
pacific prawns sautéed in spicy Portuguese piri-piri marinara wine sauce.

Garlic Shrimp  11.99
fresh skinless shrimp sauteed in a garlic based sauce.          

Breaded Shrimp 
lightly fried served garnished with lemon.                                

Sautéed Mussels  11.99
Ventura's favourite, sautéed in a pimento marinara sauce.

Cod Fish Cakes "Pasteis de Bacalhau"  1.75each
lightly fried Cod cakes made with onions, potatoes and fresh parsley.

Garlic or Grilled Calamari  13.99
drizzled with olive oil.                                           

Grilled Sardines 
flavoursome sardines topped with an onion olive oil sauce

"Portuguese Rissois"  1.75each
homemade shrimp or tuna fish cakes.

Ask for our Signature Fish sauce! Available in Mild or Hot! $ .49

Please ask your server for the soup of the day

Portuguese Specialty "Caldo Verde"  3.99
a soup of kale-like cabbage thickened with potato and containing a slice of chouriço sausage, originated from the northern province of Minho but is now considered a national dish.                  

Portuguese House Salad  3.99
topped with a home made vinaigrette dressing.



"All our fish is hand selected, cooked and served to perfection by our dedicated chefs." 

Grilled Halibut  22.99
a long time favourite served with potato and vegetables 

Sea Food Rice Mix 
lightly breaded golden fillet, fried breaded shrimp, sautéed mussels garnished with lemon and black olives.   

Grilled Gamberini
shrimp with jumbo clams with Ventura's famous Sea Food Rice.
24.99 For One     48.99 For Two

Ventura's Golden Fillet  14.99
along side breaded shrimp all lightly fried served with cubed potatoes and rice. 

Grilled Sardines  13.99
with potatoes and salad, a traditional Portuguese dish.

Grilled Salmon  16.99
along side potatoes and vegetables. 

Portuguese Style Sea Rock Bass  22.99
the entire fish grilled to perfection.


"Bacalhou" which is perhaps the most consumed type of fish in Portugal and of which it is said that there are more than 365 ways to cook, one for every day of the year.
Cod Casserole  17.99
is a Ventura's Signature appetizing specialty considered one of Portugal's greatest recipes, a delicate and uniquely prepared cod dish made with thinly sliced potatoes and lightly fried cod mixed together in a tomato, onion and wine based sauce 
Boiled Cod  17.99
topped with olive oil house sauce served with potatoes and vegetables 
The Famous Bacalhau a Bras  17.99
one of the most popular ways to prepare codfish in Portugal, shredded cod, onions, and thin strips of potatoes all bound by eggs 

Portugal is a sea-fearing nation at heart and this is reflected in the amount of fish and seafood consumed by the Portuguese and in Ventura's Signature Seafood Platters.

"Mr. Ventura's Choice"
An assortment of premium shellfish, The Fishman's "Mariscada" is perfect for any special occasion, served with jumbo shrimp, mussels, jumbo clams, white snow crab legs all sautéed in a garlic, white wine sauce and topped with fresh lemon.
59.99 For Two   

NEW “Feijoada do Mar” Seafood Chilli
Sautéed in a Portuguese beer sauce; white beans, baby clams, calamari, black mussels, shrimp, and topped with jumbo prawns. Served in a traditional clay dish with rice.
38.99 For Two

Seafood Platter
lightly fried whiting, sword fish, golden fillet, baby tiger shrimp, jumbo tiger shrimp, mussels, along side rice, cubed potatoes.
34.99 For Two
Fruits of the Sea
lightly fried whiting, sword fish, golden fillet, homemade fish cakes known as ‘rissois' and breaded shrimp. Sautéed baby shrimp, jumbo tiger shrimp, mussels and crab meat. Garlic calamari accompanied with rice and hand cut cube potatoes.
38.99 For Two


"All our meats are hand cut by our Portuguese butchers!"

The Traditional Portuguese "Prego no Prato" 
grilled slices of pork served with fries and rice.

The famous ‘Beef a Casa'  13.99
a massive piece of grilled beef steak topped with the customary fried egg served on a platter with fries, and rice.

"Carne Pork Alentejana"  17.99
the classic Portuguese
terracotta dish with marinated cubes of pork mixed in a bed of potatoes and clams mixed together in a spicy piri piri sauce topped with black olives.

T-Bone Steak served with fries and rice.  20.99

Grilled Top Sirloin Steak  21.99
marinated in a white wine then grilled to perfection served with rice and cube potatoes.

Grilled Tenderloin
served with potatoes, and rice.  21.99

Breaded Veal served cube potatoes and rice.  15.99

Grilled Chicken Breast served with potatoes, and rice.  14.99

Premium Entrees
Grilled Calamari & Shrimp  25.99
"Lulas com Camarao" 
Strip Loin (8oz) & White Snow Legs  32.99
Chicken Breast & Shrimp  22.99
"Galinha com Camarao" 
Beef a Casa & Shrimp  24.99
"Bife a Casa com Camarao"
Pork Chops & Shrimp  24.99
Grilled Lamb & Shrimp  32.99
"Cabrito com Camarao" marinated in white wine
Top Sirloin & Shrimp  29.99
Fries Cod & Shrimp  24.99
"Bacalhau Frito com Camarao"
Vegetarian plate  10.99 
Sliced potatoes topped with a tomato, onion sauce served with white rice & vegetables

‘Natas' Portuguese Custard Tarts the most famous Portuguese dessert, a small round flaky pastry tart filled with a sweet cream egg custard, originally a specialty from the district of Belem, in Lisbon now a national trademark of Portugal.
...1.75 each

Chocolate Mousse richer, denser and smoother than foreign versions. A household specialty for all chocolate lovers.

Homemade Cherry Cheesecake we have perfected this recipe.                 

Natas do Ceu ‘Custard from Heaven' a special layered blend of sweet cream and egg foam and biscuit crumbs topped with rich egg custard.

Tartuffo Gelato chocolate and vanilla gelato rolled in fine cocoa.

‘Flan Pudim'' Crème Caramel a Portuguese specialty pudding topped with caramel syrup.

‘Molotofe' a charming dessert made with egg whites and caramelized sugar, this light and fluffy , heaven wedge topped with a duo of caramel will melt in your mouth just like meringue.

Fruit Salad a blissful mixture of delicious fruit in sweet and natural fruit juices.

Vanilla or Chocolate Ice Crème topped with creamy syrup

Cream Puffs topped with sweet Raspberry sauce.

Child Menu
Children 12 and under!

Chicken Nuggets  4.99
Mini Beef a Case  8.99
Mini "Prego no Prato"  8.99
Mini Grilled Chicken  8.99
Mini Golden Fillet  8.99


Hand Cut Cubed Potatoes  3.99
Boiled Potatoes  
Two Grilled Jumbo Shrimp  5.99
Fries  3.99

Soft Drinks

Soda Pops  1.99
Coke, Diet Coke, Gingerale,Sprite, Iced Tea, Club soda, Tonic water

Portuguese Drinks 
Orange Sumol, Pineapple,  Sumol, Passionfruit Sumol.

Juices Orange , Apple, Cranberry  1.99

Bottled Water  1.99
Fastio Natural Spring, Pedras Sparkling, Castello Carbonated, Carvalhelhos Mineral 

Large Bottled Water Luso Natural Spring  5.99

Large Portuguese Drink  Sumol  5.99
  Ventura's Signature Restaurant - dining

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